I am Darren Cavanagh, Vegan Film Director, Consultant and Marketer having produced creative marketing content for 25 years on over 2500 marketing campaigns for the world’s biggest entertainment and corporate clients and helped them achieve over $3 BILLION IN UK & INT. BOX OFFICE REVENUE.

I wanted to find an authentic way where I could combine my passionate for the planet, animals and veganism with my years of creative expertise to help vegan and plant-based thrive with their marketing to make a huge difference in the commercial and consumerist world.

I decided to bring all my experience to help Vegan and Plant-based businesses rapidly build their new brands online with the best video & digital content & strategy to grow sales, engage with their unique customers needs & lifestyle minus the marketing meltdown.

Is your time, marketing knowledge and budget limited and do you need to get results fast to keep up pace with the rapidly expanding vegan and plant-based marketplace?

You are in the right place and my products and services will help you:

  • Build simple, stylish and effective online brand awareness from the group up from your website design, build or improvement moving up through all your marketing assets and to optimise all of them for your customers
  • Clarity any confusion you may have around social media marketing and help you choose what video and digital marketing will work best for you and your vegan and plant-based business
  • Give you confidence with proven processes that we can help you manage and run profitable Marketing ad Campaigns that convert every time
  • Offer on going support and make you marketing equipped to make more sales and revenue for your vegan and plant-based business

Introducing The Very CreatiVegan Marketing Consulting Solutions and Commercial Campaigns in a nutshell. From a complete marketing campaign solution or you can pick and choose an asset that suits your needs and brand best.

It is my mission to one of the world’s most reliable and creative resources to help vegan and plant-based businesses with the best marketing content, simple application and service to grow sales the fastest in this rapidly expanding marketplace.

As we work together you’ll recognise a worthy investment in helping you to create your most successful marketing content and the financial vision you want for your vegan and plant-based business into the future and beyond.

I’m currently offering a complimentary 45 min marketing strategy call to discuss your challenges, needs and desires.

If at the end of the call you feel I can offer you some solid solutions we can discuss next steps.

Thank you for taking the time to view my website.

I look forward to helping you!

Darren Cavanagh
Vegan Film Director, Marketer,
Consultant & Coach