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New Soundtrack release News – Limited Edition

I am excited to announce the launch of a 2 x CD soundtrack to my first award winning feature film I produced and directed and released in 2017 called Ex-Dominatrix a true story with music composed, performed and produced by Noko.

I only need to sell 100 to make the release a reality so I am also going to send anyone who pre-orders the soundtrack a free download of my film worth $15.

Your support for this official independent release is much appreciated.\


The film score for Ex-Dominatrix a true story is being released for the first time on a limited edition (100) 2 CD release and the first official release from The Very Creativegan Soundtracks.


In one fateful moment, she was accused of murder and lost everything including her livelihood, home, money, reputation, health, and PURPOSE IN LIFE.

Ex-Dominatrix a true story is the AWARD WINNING film about the transformational life of an EXTRAORDINARY woman from Bondage To Beyond.

The feature-length documentary was produced and directed by Darren Cavanagh – The Very Creativegan and was 6 years in the making.

The movie premiered in London and Amsterdam in 2017/2018 and won the Best Feature Film Award at the 2019 London Fetish Film Festival.

It has also gained many 5-star reviews online and has become an internationally acclaimed and collectable cult film.

The film required a truly unique film score and this was composed by Noko from the band Apollo 440. The band produced film songs and themes for ‘Lost in Space’, ‘Resident Evil’, ‘Gone In 60 Seconds’, ‘Charles Angels’ and ‘S.W.A.T’ Noko went on to score films on his own including ‘Une affaire d’etat’ and ‘The Prey’, Noko described his score as – “An all-too-human odyssey that needed underscoring with an appreciation of the drama and inherent sensational impact of the events, whilst remaining true to the softer, essentially optimistic and life-affirming core of the positive, altruistic soul Ira undoubtedly is.

“I set out on a musical journey that is fundamentally a romantic one. The traditional approach of a particular featured instrument or theme somehow representing a protagonist or key character POV seemed way too simplistic this time: I couldn’t tie Ira down to a single voice; she became many, spread across several sources; acoustic, electronic and even pure sound-design”.

Director Darren Cavanagh said, “Hearing Noko’s score for the first time was one of the most rewarding parts of the whole filmmaking creative process and his music far exceeded my expectations. I am thrilled that his full score is finally available to enjoy in all its shiny glory. I am also excited to announce that this Limited Edition 2 CD release is the first official film soundtrack score to be released by my new and exclusive rare soundtrack label”.

As a special offer and thanks to everyone who pre-orders the soundtrack, you will receive a FREE VIMEO DOWNLOAD of the film.

PRE-ORDER the soundtrack now exclusively from Diggers Factory and add this fantastic soundtrack to your collection.

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