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Sam Oven Honest Review of Consulting Accelerator - How Does Sam Ovens’ Make $30 Million A Year Selling A Course Worth $1997? (And Is It A Scam?)

Hello, eager online entrepreneurs, my name is Darren and this is my personal and no bulls@*t honest review of Sam Oven’s Consulting.com online training program called Consulting Accelerator course.

If you are one of those people who is bombarded daily being told what is the best online course for your business, believe me, I know how you feel.

I have spent £1000’s on various online courses and none were getting me the results I wanted.

And I came across Sam’s Consulting Accelerator course when I was needing a new boost to my life and professional career and it was not like anything else I had come across online.

To get clear as a bell from the start, I am not employed by Sam or his team and I have bought and been using the course for over 10 months now.

Thank you for seeking out my honest review I have endeavoured to make it the most creative and detailed one available online.

It is my intention to cut through the noise and give you an honest insightful peek into the world of Sam Ovens to make you decide whether you think his program is worth your hard-earned cash, time and energy and most importantly whether the course is a scam and if not is it right for your business – whatever that is!

I am a vegan film director and marketing consultant, so I am not what you would expect a typical student of Sams course to be. If such a person actually exists and one of the questions I hope to answer in this honest review.

Note there are two other uplevel courses in the program called ‘Uplevel Consulting’ and ‘Quantum Mastermind’ and I am not yet a member of either of these.

In fact, Quantum Mastermind sounds like the new James Bond movie and is so secret it hasn’t even been released yet.

If I do join these courses at a later date, I will do add an honest detailed review of them to this site as well.

Become a Consulting Accelerator secret agent entrepreneur with a license to bill

The main purpose I am reviewing this course is for the following reasons:

  1. I am still working on the course and want to share what works and what doesn’t.
  2. There are people in my niche audience of small local businesses, vegans business owners, filmmakers and creative marketers who I think will appreciate an honest detailed review.
  3. There aren’t many honest video reviews from a professional film director that include an exclusive trailer for the course (see above) including a video preview review of the online course and the physical package and contents you receive when buying the training program.

My personal and professional opinions expressed here are my own. I have 25 years of professional film making, marketing and entrepreneurial business experience so my skills are unique and will differ from other students who have taken the course.

But it is through my unique experience that I want to give you an honest detailed review and because I have helped some of the world’s top entertainment clients generate over $3 billion in box office revenue.

So I know a great deal about working in one of the most demanding and stressful businesses in the world.

Disney / Pixar and Universal three of my main clients from my previous marketing agency


All this ended for me 5 years ago when I quit my Creative Director job in a top creative marketing agency to independently direct my own feature-length film.

I left London after 23 years, moved to the countryside and also had more time to see my sick father who was battling a long illness.

And at the start of 2018, I was effectively starting from scratch again and this is when I came across Sam’s course.

Hence I came into contact with this course at a very vulnerable time in my life for me personally and professionally and I was somewhat sceptical because the Facebook ads had a scam feel to them and I’d never heard of Sam Ovens at all before.

However, as many of you don’t know me personally at all, please take my review at face value and I hope it is useful in helping you decide if this course is suited to your own business and lifestyle needs.

You are clearly reading this because you are the following:

  • You really give a s@*t about the success of your own business.
  • You want to know how can you make it more successful to help create better results for more dream clients.
  • You want an online course that offers the full package not just part of the solution and has the results to prove it.
  • You are stuck in a soul-sucking job that is not paying enough for your skills and you want out fast!
  • You want to create your own successful consulting business but don’t know where to start or how to.

If any of these are you then keep reading.

So my first suspicion was wondering how does Sam Ovens a twentysomething from New Zealand makes $30 million in a year from selling a course for $1997?

Before I was willing to take a leap of faith I did my online research and to my surprise among the many ‘Is Sams Ovens course a scam or not?” searches I found an abundance of information that categorically said it wasn’t.

As Thanos says in Avengers Infinity War “The hardest choices require the strongest wills” and like Sam he is a very clever dude with an unusual vision for the planet as a whole. I was satisfied it wasn’t a scam now, intrigued to know more and willing to explore further.

In this honest review, I hope to explain the secret to Sam’s success and how you can share in a piece of it for yourself and why I think this program is so unique in the current online course marketplace.

Thanos from The Avengers Infinity War wants to fist bump 50% of the universe out of existence

1. Who The Hell Is Sam Ovens And Why Should You Care?

Sam Ovens and Leonardo DiCaprio handsome millionaires who hate Instagram.
Who would have thought?

I first saw a picture of Sam Ovens on Facebook in one of his many ads and I suspect that is where most people see him.

First of all, I thought it was a younger photo of Leonardo DiCaprio from the movie, ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ sitting at a large desk in a swanky high rise business apartment overlooking Manhattan.

On closer inspection I realised it wasn’t him but as I’m a big fan of Leonardo and Jordan Belfort (the real Wolf of Wall Street) and the headline said, ‘How A 26 Young Punk Started A Consulting Biz In Parents Garage, Moved To Manhattan & Made $10M in 4 Years’, my interest was hooked.

I’m also very interested in real rags to riches stories and when I saw his ad I was in need of a new business vision and motivation and I had no real idea of how I was going to launch my own consulting business again.

I had done the creative corporate career and it nearly killed me with the stress and endless client demands. I thought, there had to be another way I could use my entrepreneurial expertise and extensive creative skills to live my vision without losing sight of life’s priorities health, wealth and well being.

One of Sam Ovens most successful Facebook ads

Sam’s story had the classic three-act narrative structure of the hero’s journey including his pit moment, the search and eventually realisation and breakthrough.

As human beings we are programmed to emotionally response to such stories from hearing them as children, from watching narratively driven TV shows, movies and the fact we crave completion in some form for all things.

‘Bambi’ was the first film I saw as a kid at the cinema and it made an indelible impression on me as did ‘Jaws’ which I saw at age 7 and that is when I decided there and then to be a filmmaker.

I registered for Sam’s webinar even though I didn’t trust his suit and the ad did look a little suspect.

I learned very quickly that Sam was an entrepreneur from Auckland, New Zealand. He quit the corporate world and dropped out of college to launch a consulting business from his parent’s garage with little to no knowledge of how to do it. He has an insatiable passion for learning, building things and teaching others what he learns.

I initially found his approach somewhat cool axis emotionally and very straight forward but in a way, I found this refreshingly unapologetic and clearly the dude didn’t suffer fools easily and he had a ten-yard stare that would put the Joker to shame.

Consulting Accelerator is no joke!

The results and success he was exclaiming were no laughing matter either.

Now Sam currently runs the website Consulting.com and has been featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur, Inc, Wall Street Journal, and many other publications.

The new copy line on his website boldly states, ‘SUPERPOWERS FOR ENTREPRENEURS’ and he’s not f@*king about

Consulting.com website screengrab © Consulting.com

He states Consulting.com breaks business down to basic building blocks (like Lego) and tells you how to assemble them for success.

Get proven processes, gain laser-like focus, join a community of entrepreneurs and reprogram your brain for superhuman ability.

I can imagine that Sam was a big fan of Lego as a kid with his love of wanting to build things.

Batman and Superman ‘Lego’ of their differences to team up and check out Consulting Accelerator

Clever use of words and nods to two of the biggest none Consulting brands in the world ‘Lego’ and ‘SuperHeroes’ with ‘Superpowers’. Only this time he’s turning it on its head to give them both a different meaning.

For me, this is the main reason why you should care who Sam Ovens is because he cleverly takes all the boring old school business bureaucracy out of consulting and throughout the program and all his work he deliberately disrupts the reality we think we know and creates a completely fresh and new way of looking at stuff.

He has stated in many videos that he saw the world of consulting as being in the gutter and he wanted to redefine it for a new generation of business entrepreneurs.

I really liked the sound of the course after viewing the lengthy webinar because I was halfway through another online course and some of the elements (the 25 hours of Facebook ad training) were very appealing to me but I wasn’t able to commit another $1997 for another course at that time.

So I saved the link and bracketed it for a later purchase.

However, I am one of those people and professionals that if I commit to doing something it gets done – end of story.

I have learned over the years that completing the work process is actually one of the most satisfactory parts of working and it is a huge factor in business success.

So Sam’s somewhat cool explanation of what was in the course was already appealing to my business brain but his accent took a little longer to get used to.

2. What Cool Stuff Is Sam Selling And Why?

Sam Ovens’ website. Consulting.com offers three programs and the first one which is the only focus of this review is entitled ‘Consulting Accelerator which is a seven-week consulting course.

You can see on their website and in my trailer that has over 20,000+ active students, has revenue earned by students worth $690+ million and claims to have created 52 millionaires.

The website also proudly states that proof is in the numbers and there are also over 3400 customer video reviews of the program and its gets a 4.9 star review. Overall, pretty impressive stuff.

Consulting.com website screengrab © Consulting.com

Now, these are some serious statistics and evidence that this program and the work contained within it are of huge value to newbies and established entrepreneurs everywhere.

The program has five primary areas of focus that are stated on the website to achieve these results and are summarised as follows:

  1. A Simple To Follow Learning Environment

    To provides people with everything they need to be a successful consultant and business. No lecturing — they provide an environment and building blocks so you can build and play.

  2. Proven Processes

    The guesswork of starting/growing a business is taken away and put into a science. Students follow practical step-by-step instructions that are proven to work and track your progress using reliable metrics.

  3. Mental Reprogramming

    A new way to think about and view the world is presented to discover a new you beyond your, interests, biases, habits, behaviour patterns and reprogram your brain for high performance.

  4. Entrepreneur Community

    Join an active community of entrepreneurs on Facebook (currently over 14,000 members) get help, practice sales calls, make friends and have fun.

  5. Expert Mentorship

    Get 24/7 access to millionaire experts in our Facebook group, weekly live stream Q&A’s and email.

    Every Saturday Sam does a live Q&A for 2 hours and you have direct access to ask him anything. This is quite unique and unusual to have this personal access and is invaluable and quite amusing because of some of the questions that get answered.

    The access to the Facebook group alone is a hugely valuable resource. I am a member of many entrepreneurial groups on Facebook and this group is by far the most active one on a daily basis and members really engage and answers questions quickly.

    Sam regularly adds comments into the group as well and you it not hard to see that he realises this is one of the main attractions for people buying the program.

Consulting.com Facebook group screengrab

Sam’s ultimate bold claim about ‘Consulting Accelerator’ is that the program will work for anyone who is willing to do the work and to trial his program. He states that if it is applied diligently without deviation or distractions that students will land their first client within 42 days. There are many testimonials that back this up but it took me over 6 months to land my first proper client using the tools in the program.

To be honest this had more to do with the fact that I changed my specific niche after a failed 6-week attempt to land clients and realising what I was offering was not in alignment with my clients’ needs and my vision and passion.

It really comes down to what business you are in. The program is designed to work if you already have an existing business and if you are just starting out.

As I said I am a vegan film director and marketing consultant and I had to go through my own business baptism of fire to narrow down what I was offering and the consulting problems I wanted to solve for my clients.

The course content is rock solid and packed with over 100 hours of video content and covers everything from finding your niche, using a truly awesome sales script that can turn a complete stranger into a paying client.

What is doesn’t teach you and I have found this is a common omission from the majority of these programs is actually what you need to offer in terms of your service and content to solve your client’s specific problems.

I tell a little lie here because the DM (digital marketing) bonus which is the last module in the program and where Sam does reveal his blueprint for what you can do if you are actually stuck and do not have a niche. He reveals this was how he started out using digital marketing to help local businesses get more customers.

He strongly advises you only to follow this advice if you have hit a block in terms of what you want to offer clients.

In truth, this still offers what most clients still want (more customers and sales) so I think it is a very valuable module but you only get access to it after viewing all the other weeks and after giving a short video testimonial on reviewing the program.

Another very clever strategy to get students to access this valuable bonus.

3. What Does Consulting Accelerator Cost And What Do I Get For My Money?

Okay so for all the value you’re getting Sam’s program is not cheap but I believe it’s also not overpriced either. Investing in yourself and your own business is one of the most important decisions you are ever going to make on your road to business success.

Let’s say for example you want to charge one of your clients a recurring fee of $2000 a month for one of your services. If you have only invested $200 in creating that product or service it’s highly unlikely and quite frankly unfair business practice to charge a client 10 x that amount.

What we invest in ourselves is mirrored in what we can offer and Sam in all the training highlights this important fact.

The Consulting Accelerator program is $1,997 dollars or you can pay in 5 installments that work out to $547 for a total cost of $2735.


If you want to take advantage of an exclusive 7-Day Free Trial and $500 discount on the course for a limited time only then all you need to do, is Click on this Sam Ovens Consulting Accelerator Honest $500 Discount link and provide your name and email and I can personally grant you an awesome 7-Day trial access for FREE.

If you like the program and want to invest in it during this time, I can save you $500 off the regular price of $1,997 to only $1,497. Or you can cancel before the 7-days and pay zero.


    What’s Included In Consulting Accelerator

    The course is dense and features over 104 hours worth of video. Sam really does like to underline certain facts and points and you can place the module at a faster speed if you are time limited to sit through some of the longer videos.

    It is recommended to revisit the material more than once and this is advisable for the technically detailed parts that require more focus and attention.

    The layout is extremely user-friendly and you can watch a repeat of the 2 VIDEOS again below entitled:

    Consulting Accelerator Website Program Review – that shows the format, design, content and how to navigate your way through the 7 week Consulting Accelerator program

    Consulting Accelerator Physical Box and Content Review – that shows you the format, design, content, and how to navigate your way through Sam Ovens 7 week Consulting Accelerator program

    Core Program:

    • Week 1 – Fundamentals and Foundations (Understanding the law of nature and how to be the most effective consultant)
    • Week 2 – New Paradigm & World View (A masterclass in life changing mindset training)
    • Week 3 – Alchemy of Client Conversion (Why people buy and how to position as a master salesman)
    • Week 4 – Alchemy of Client Attraction (Organic and paid client attraction strategies and war plan)
    • Week 5 – Fractal Facebook Evolution (The most comprehensive Facebook training available online)
    • Week 6 – Minimum Viable Service Delivery (Taking care of your clients and scaling)
    • Bonus Week – (Digital Marketing strategy – the whole package)
    Consulting Accelerator physical books, workbooks, notebook and folder sent via post

    Facebook Consulting Accelerator Group and Community

    As mentioned earlier the Facebook group alone is a goldmine of business and entrepreneurial knowledge, support, tips, advice and the place to share success stories with students all at various levels in the program.Newbies rub shoulders with millionaires and there are high standards of respectful sharing on a daily basis. It is an awesomely inspiring and invaluable resource that gets better the more people that join every day.

    Live Weekly Questions & Answers

    Consulting Accelerator live weekly questions and answer screengrab

    A course as detailed as Consulting Accelerator is packed with never before shared solutions but this in effect raises many questions.

    To address all these questions and support students, Sam Ovens currently has two additional coaches dedicated to hosting a question and answer session.

    These run live every Monday at 12 PM and Friday at 7 PM EST. These two sessions usually average out between one and a half to two hours long and most questions are answered.

    The two coaches are Nick Hauser who is the community manager and whose job it is to ensure the community keeps getting consistent results and keeps the winning culture. He states in his intro that, “we’ve honed and developed understand the material very well and enjoy helping you guys push past any challenges on these calls and the facebook group and you’re ready to ring the bell and clients and growing your businesses”.

    Nick Hauser Picture from Facebook

    The other coach is Jesse Clark who has been with Sam’s programs for also three years and is a current member in the quantum mastermind. Jesse started a consulting business from scratch and it’s grown into the six figures now and actually managed some of Sam’s Facebook campaigns.

    Jesse Clark Picture from Facebook
    Now, it may be a snap observation but it seems on the face of it that to work as the Consulting.com HQ as a guy you need a full head of luscious hair and designer stubble. That rules me and Jason Statham out. Damn!
    You can be hair today and gone tomorrow in today’s Fast and Furious consulting world

    Now, Sam is not left out of the ‘GQ’ style Consulting.com live line up and on Saturdays at 3 PM EST, Sam Ovens himself hosts the Q&A alone which goes on for two hours or so.

    Sam’s session differs from the two coaches in that he is very personal. Whereas the coaches will only focus on concerns with the program, Sam will share information on what’s happening with himself, his family, Consulting.com, and pretty much answer anything else.

    I asked him once what were his favourite movies and he said, “hmm, that’s a good question I like real life stories but I did like ‘Gladiator’ and The Dark Knight trilogy”.

    No surprises there I thought two very cool movie choices and some of my favourite films. I actually produced the DVD and Blu-ray trailers for Gladiator for Universal Pictures International years back so I’ve seen that movie many times and it never gets old.

    A Gladiator's long term vision makes him invincible © Universal Pictures
    Check out one of my Blu-ray trailers for Gladiator

    Sam is constantly evolving his program with the times and regularly tests theories. He moved the whole HQ from New York to Venice Beach California at the end of 2018 and now he is closer to Hollywood than most consulting entrepreneurs and it is amusing to see his varying degrees of tan every week on the live calls.

    On a more important note, it is great to have this personal access to his brain and insight for over 2 hours and you can see that he genuinely enjoys the calls and they keep him sharp and focused because quite frankly he has no idea what anyone is going to ask him.

    Sam Ovens weekly Q&A calls get up close and personal with the m(T)an himself

    4. Who Will Love Consulting Accelerator And Who Will Hate It?

    Time is precious folks and if you have got this far into my honest review then thank you for hanging in there but now is the time for me to reveal who I think will broadly love the course and those who may well hate it. I hope this will quickly let you decide if you continue reading or if you go to watch Netflix or look at your Facebook page instead.

    Lover and haters paint a different picture of life on the same wall


    • Risk takers and people who are willing to invest in themselves and do valuable work.
    • Have an open mind to new ideas, want to grow and are not afraid to change beliefs.
    • Fearless and realistic and actually love solving problems for their clients (who love the work they do for them) daily.
    • Data-driven and are not afraid of spreadsheets and analysing results.
    • Can commit to watching 100 hundred hours of detailed content that is not on Netflix.
    • A passionate and quick learner with a thirst for knowledge and new processes.


    • Spend over 3 hours a day on social media and cannot switch off their smartphone for 5 minutes.
    • Want everything to be automated and love gimmicks, hacks and doing 5 things at once.
    • Spend weekends getting wasted with friends then burn through the working week feeling resentful and then claim the world owes you a living, a successful business with benefits.
    • You are not comfortable speaking to many clients on the phone to close sales.
    • Cannot commit to watching 100 hundred hours of detailed content because it is NOT on Netflix.
    • In truth you’re a bit lazy and dream of being a wealthy entrepreneur and want a course that can deliver results for half the $1997 price with less work involved.

    I know some of these sound somewhat harsh but Sam in every video states, “don’t be the person who watches all the content but doesn’t do the work”. The work he refers to are the action items included at the end of each week for you to complete before moving forward.

    Completing these action sets is a critical part of the training and help you get the most out of it. I did have to put my feet to fire on some weeks to make the time to complete them and the content was much more rewarding and beneficial when I did do it.

    The course is incredibly detailed and this is by absolute design to help you achieve what Sam wants for you. He is extremely passionate about what he teaches and he has personally used all the processing in the program to great success.

    For a more detailed honest review of the website the contents, ease of use and layout you can watch a repeat of the video again below:

    Consulting Accelerator Website Program Review – that shows you the format, design, content and how to navigate your way through Sam Ovens 7 week Consulting Accelerator program.

    Consulting Accelerator week one screengrab © Consulting.com

    5. Why Did I Buy It And Is It A Scam?

    In December 2017 I sat alone in my car parked at a motorway service station in the cold winter and I have a feeling in my stomach that I am not going to make it to the hospital in time to be with my dying father and my family as he passes.

    I’ve pulled over because I got a sense he had just gone. So I call my brother and I hear his voice cracking with emotion and ask him, “has he gone?” He says to me holding back his tears, ”yes, he just passed away peacefully…”

    I feel totally and utterly alone, lost, guilty and a failure as a son and a husband.

    At this moment I feel completely consumed with sadness, grief, absolute loneliness and don’t know what to do.

    My dad Peter Cavanagh - the original Marlboro Man R.I.P

    In my search, I work for 20 years in the creative film and marketing industry and I believe I’m following my creative dream when in fact it causes me more stress and disappointment.I feel I have to prove myself to others, all my clients, my wife and my work colleagues and that I can handle any creative campaign they throw at me. I can but it takes its toll over time.

    I don’t feel anyone really understands what’s going on for me and how unhappy I really am at times.

    I spend over £25k on self-development courses that work wonders for a short spell but then I go back to my old habits when work becomes too stressful.

    I can take no more so I quit my creative director job and contractually say goodbye to 20 years of redundancy pay.

    Now I spend three years working on my first feature-length film in the hope this is going to fill my unhappy void. My filmmaking journey is truly amazing and one of the best creative experiences of my life. I manage to crowdfund over £53k to finish and release the film to great critical success but it still costs me a great deal financially and emotionally.

    In February 2018 I watch Sam’s webinar entitled ‘How A 26 Young Punk Started A Consulting Biz In Parents Garage, Moved To Manhattan & Made $10M in 4 Years’ and I identified with his story his struggle and at that point would call my own life story ‘How A Vegan Film Director Made $3 Billion For His Clients, Left That Life to Find His Own Creative Way & Started from Scratch’

    My life was at this crossroads now and there was something in Sam’s words that really struck a nerve with me and made me realise that I am the creator of my own destiny and I don’t need a successful career or recognition in the film industry to realise that I am not a failure and I have so much consulting knowledge and wisdom to share with others from my vast life and business experiences and that is my ‘TRUE’ calling in life now.

    Darren Cavanagh - Vegan Film Director, Marketing Consultant www.theverycreativegan.com

    And I realised I wanted to do it through consulting in a whole new way.So I signed up for Sam’s course at the end of May.

    My story is unique to me and I have read many different stories in the Consulting Accelerator Facebook group.

    However, there seems to be a common thread in that many people have tried and tested other ways of working and other programs and they haven’t worked.

    Universally it seems many people are at a turning point in their lives and careers and want something different that will create more rewarding results for them without the entrepreneurial meltdown.

    Or some people are already successful and established businesses and entrepreneurs but have lost their passion for the work and are looking for a new way to uplevel and re-energise themselves and get connected to their clients needs again in a more authentic and unorthodox way.

    Sam is still only in his twenties so his life experience is somewhat limited and his rise to riches took place pretty rapidly so he doesn’t bring too much personal baggage to the table. For example, there are no failed marriages, drug addictions and unlawful skeletons in the closet (not that he has publicly declared anyway).

    In this regard, I found his approach and work refreshing because it was free of the personal obstacles and like a business surgeon or mathematical master he had spent years analysing consulting systems to create a truly scientific program like nothing else currently available.

    He claims to be an introvert and doesn’t do talk shows, hasn’t written a best-selling book (yet) isn’t interested in having a big social media presence and couldn’t give a s@*t about Instagram.

    All these things are usually driven by the ego and for someone so rich so young his lack of one is very much in evidence and why he is able to be so focused on his work vision, mission and principles.

    If I had one criticism is that his approach at times is very non-emotive and also too analytical at times and the sources for his work are based on concepts from some of the world’s great philosophers, writers, billionaire business entrepreneurs and warmongering emperors.

    On the Consulting.com website browser when you click the tab it actually says ‘Napoleon says’.

    Sam does recommend various books and films sometimes but isn’t completely transparent about all of his sources that have inspired his work. He has clearly spent years reading and digesting many volumes of data to create the program. He also has a ruthless work ethic and there is an old school classicism and masculinity to the images he references in the program’s design and style that may be off-putting to some women entrepreneurs.

    He uses phrases like do ‘violent work’ and has processes called ‘The 30 day attack’ and ‘War map calendar’. I get his intention here to disrupt the paradigm and be somewhat provocative within the world of business and to effectively go to war at it every day without compromise.

    However and I’ll stick my neck out here, I think over time his style and tone may soften a little and focus more on being more inspirational rather than preparing for battle being the overall driving force behind his work.

    And this is purely my personal opinion having done many other courses that were more heart energy focused. This is what makes Sam’s program different and it is a big part of his ‘style’ and ‘persona’ and he uses it to his advantage.

    It may not be to everyone’s taste but Consulting.com is designed to be a lean, mean business problem solving machine.

    The Emperor Napoleon rides tall among men of war

    I also want to stress that in the male-dominated world of business and consulting it is certainly exciting to see more women entrepreneurs emerging every day and thankfully there seem to be many of them who are successful students of the program.

    Also Sam cleverly avoids being too opinionated on any one subject and certainly keeps his views on general politics and sexual equality in the business world to himself.

    Part of his detailed training in week 2 called ‘New Paradigm’ and ‘World View’, highlights the business and lifestyle pitfalls of being too one-sided on any one subject and how this can be lead you astray very quickly and not in a good way.

    So is Sam’s program a scam?

    If you fell into one of the categories in the ‘Haters’ list then you may well think so but Sam is as Sam does. The dude is real and so are the impressive results being achieved daily by the Consulting Accelerator program.

    6. How Does It Compare And Compete To Other Online Courses?

    Consulting Accelerator program looks slick across all online platforms

    On my own journey having left the creative but stressful world of film marketing in 2014 after 20 years and as a digital marketer, I have watched with growing interest the boom and evolution of online courses in this period of time.

    I have attended dozens of webinars, downloaded more lead magnets, content and travelled through more funnels then Spider-man on steroids. My Facebook page is inundated every day with the next life-changing course and my email box gets a regular cull every week.

    I have studied the format and know the drill and it’s also been part of my learning process to see what works and what doesn’t.

    As a filmmaker, editor and copywriter I can very quickly edit what is useful and what isn’t. And the majority of these courses I completely ignore and avoid.

    Sam did a very interesting webinar at the end of 2018 where he basically blow up the whole online marketplace and stated that things have gotten completely out of hand.

    I have to agree with him and the noise can be so distracting. It’s not what you have to add it’s what you ignore and take away that helps you focus.

    And focus is a huge part of Sam’s course that for me makes it stand head and shoulders above all the other online courses I have purchased online.

    Now, I want to stress I am not a serial online course consumer. I am at the start of my new business journey and I’m back in the game after dealing with some personal issues the past year.

    I cannot claim that the course has helped me reach 6 figures (yet) or gotten me countless clients at this stage but I am at the start of a long consistent business journey, my head is in a great place and focused on a new prosperous future.

    The course is NOT a quick fix consulting solution package.

    I do my Consulting Accelerator work every day and it has made a huge difference to my life, mindset and business skill set. It blew the corporate cobwebs away I was holding onto from my previous 20 years in the game and I feel more excited and invigorated now about my new business than I have done in the past. The value I put on this alone is priceless for me.

    Who knew it would take some Leonardo DiCaprio lookalike from New Zealand to open my eyes to a new way of seeing my value and how I can use it to create that for my clients.

    There are too many other online courses to list here but by comparison, I believe Sam’s is the best and most comprehensive of them in this specific business field by far and is well worth the investment.

    7. How Is Sam Ovens Making $30 Million A Year?

    Sam Ovens doing what he does best and selling with style

    My answer to the honest review main question is quite simple.Sam passionately gives a s@*t about his work so much so that he openly rejects all the cliche trappings of a twentysomething millionaire entrepreneur and invests more time money and energy back into his business on a daily basis than anyone else currently out there.

    Sam is in it for the long run and he sees the bigger picture for the future of his work, his students and the world.

    His guiding light and problem he wants to solve is that education systems are not educating people and his mission is, “To collectively educate every human on earth”.

    Now there are over 7 billion people on earth and counting so do the math re his hugely ambitious mission statement.

    People have connected to his work and are embracing it for themselves. Hence why he is already making over $30 million a year on a course that costs $1997.

    Consulting Accelerator millionaire students and other successful entrepreneurs

    8. My Consulting Conclusion

    Sam shared in one of his live Q&A’s that when he made enough money he offered to free his parents from working 9 to 5 at their home in New Zealand so they could have more time to spend together and be free of any financial dependency on working to pay the bills.

    He revealed he had a humble upbringing and the family were not wealthy and all his success and wealth were self-earned.

    Now, I’m from a working-class background in Liverpool, England and my parents never had a car, have only flown on an aeroplane twice and lived within their means and I had to create and work for everything I got in my own professional life as well.

    Sam said he asked his parents whether they wanted him to help them out financially. He didn’t force it upon them or do it out of obligation. My gut feeling is that he did it out of the kindness of his heart in a simple but straightforward manner with no attachment to the outcome.

    I felt really touched by this gesture and how he did it. I hope to one day do the same for my living mother and members of my own family.

    A happy day with my father and mother at their home in Merseyside, UK.

    So my concluding perspective on Sam and his work may not be what you were expecting and I think when you can truly trust someone who has geniune motives and a solid vision to life that is not based on self serving and greed, that this is one of the most important business decisions we make with new clients every single day and they can sense when it is real or not.

    I think the way Sam enthusiastically shares and teaches his work comes across in the same way and that is why his program and personality appeals to me and why I think it appeals to so many others globally.

    As an absolutely dedicated young entrepreneur he spends years creating, refining and eventually sharing his life’s work and wealth of experience and knowledge but it is up to us his students, his consulting team (and his parents) to choose what to ultimately do with the gifts he is offering to us all.

    I hope my honest review has shed a different light and perspective on Sam Ovens the man, his mission and the Consulting Accelerator program that I invite you now to try for yourself now for FREE.

    Remember that Sam also offers a 14-day money back guarantee as well if you find the course is not suited for you after purchase you can request a full refund. So overall I think it’s a pretty awesome offer.


    If you want to take advantage of an exclusive 7-Day Free Trial and $500 discount on the course for a limited time only.

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    If you like the program and want to invest in it during this time, I can save you $500 off the regular price of $1,997 to only $1,497.

    Or you can cancel before the 7-days and pay zero. It’s that simple!

    Please if you have any more questions about the course put them in the comments box below and I will answer them swiftly and as best I can. These will be a left open for anyone else to read and will also serve as a FAQ section.

    Thanks for your time reading my Sam Ovens Honest Review, please share with anyone else you feel would appreciate reading it.

    I wish you the absolute best of success with all your future consulting businesses.

    Darren Cavanagh